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rondo / рондо
имя существительное
rondo, roundel, rondeau, round text
имя существительное
a musical form with a recurring leading theme, often found in the final movement of a sonata or concerto.
The same term can be used appropriately for sections of sonata rondos or concerto movements.
A slow, caressing opening statement leads to a jaunty allegretto and then to a rondo with a distinct gypsy flavor.
The finale is a headlong rondo with affinities to sonata form.
Although the rondo finale appropriates themes from earlier movements, the ideas seem to try too hard the second time around.
From what exists of the sketches, the finale was to have been on a grand scale: a rondo , with a theme nearly ten minutes long, and at least four substantial episodes.
A quiet third movement is followed by a lively rondo .
The listener can make analogies to classical forms like sonata, rondo , scherzo and trio, and so on, but the driving engine of the music remains almost always continuous variation.
The third movement rondo was played with a swinging, joyful authority.
But elasticity was put to quite different use at the start of the rondo : in an exaggeration of tempo di menuetto, the strings' pizzicato sounded rather like the snapping of rubber bands.
That statement also is true of the work's overall structure, which can be described as a large-scale rondo .
Berg also embeds within the score a number of self-contained closed forms: sonata-allegro, rondo , variation, canzonetta, cavatina, etc.