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romp / шумная игра, возня, сорвиголова
имя существительное
шумная игра
romp, doings, doing
desperado, madcap, romp, hotspur, slashing fellow, tear-away
romp, horse around
шумно играть
имя существительное
a spell of rough, energetic play.
a romp in the snow
(especially of a child or animal) play roughly and energetically.
the noisy pack of children romped around the garden
The elements are present for a really good sci-fi cinematic romp but unfortunately the movie's screenplay holds the film back from achieving great things.
The adults can enjoy their feasting, drinking, the beach and sun while the children romp in the waters within eyesight.
A family garden needs space for kids to romp , very sturdy plants, and room for entertaining.
Together they romp with the animals of the African savannah, particularly the elephants and a trio of cheetah cubs.
Forgive me, but a romp in the sack does not equal love.
Right in the middle of our romp , who should walk in but my boyfriend!
Vale of Lune made club history with a six try romp at Morley at the weekend.
She also enjoyed a romp or two with various Earls which seems to be a popular name back then.
What it is going to be is a light-hearted, humorous romp - a clear labour of love by an author who is obviously a huge fan of the genre and comedy in general.
While most folks seem open to an occasional romp in the loo, the folks who aren't, well, they really aren't.