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romanticize / романтизировать
deal with or describe in an idealized or unrealistic fashion; make (something) seem better or more appealing than it really is.
the tendency to romanticize nonindustrial societies
the tendency to romanticize non-industrial societies
the tendency to romanticize nonindustrial societies
So much of the writing in the eighties about cocaine and drug abuse managed to romanticize its effects.
I do not mean to romanticize the life of an at-home parent: many find it isolating and stressful.
The older popular image of Canadian youth portrayed in historical dramas, for example, tended to romanticize the turn-of-the-century myth that situated white Canadians in a pristine, rural landscape.
There's a sense in which people sort of read what they want to read in a book, but I do think that in writing the books I was really wrestling with that romanticization, and I think we all have a tendency to romanticize things.
This is natural, of course; the tendency to romanticize relationships, the fear of being alone trumping truthful remembrances of paranoia and neuroticism, is one of the cuter things humans do.
There's certainly a tendency in history to romanticize the heroics of the past.
We always deeply romanticized the idea of space; it was the frontier, it was about the imagination rather than the military and ownership.
I think you are perhaps romanticizing the nature of science.