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romantic / романтический, романтичный, фантастический
имя прилагательное
romantic, cloak-and-sword, cloak-and-dagger
fantastic, fantastical, fancy, fanciful, visionary, romantic
имя существительное
romantic, romanticist
имя прилагательное
inclined toward or suggestive of the feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.
a romantic candlelit dinner
of, characterized by, or suggestive of an idealized view of reality.
a romantic attitude toward the past
of, relating to, or denoting the artistic and literary movement of Romanticism.
the Romantic tradition
имя существительное
a person with romantic beliefs or attitudes.
I am an incurable romantic
Dining on the results by candlelight, drawn even closer together by adversity - one of the most romantic dinners we'd ever had.
On our last evening in Maui, Daniel had prepared a very romantic , candlelit dinner on the shore.
I appreciate your romantic view of things, but can you address the issues in the article?
Many of the songs are slow, romantic or sentimental, but let's not hold that against him.
But it isn't really flowers and candlelight and love songs that are romantic .
Should you go for the same old dozen red roses, a box of chocolates and dinner out in a romantic eatery?
As such, it balances moments of laugh-out loud humour with the sort of romantic sentiment that's designed to appeal to both sexes no matter how sceptical they may initially feel.
Young clerks and farmers believed the romantic dream of the self-made man and refashioned themselves as rugged individualists armed and equipped for a fresh start in the frontier west.
This romantic sentiment takes place each year.
I concluded that many historians and political scientists have an overly simple and romantic view of the political process.