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roly-poly / рулет с вареньем, пудинг с вареньем, коротышка
имя существительное
рулет с вареньем
Swiss roll, roly-poly, roly-poly pudding
пудинг с вареньем
shorty, runt, pudge, punch, stump, roly-poly
имя прилагательное
plump, rotund, cherubic, padded, round, roly-poly
имя прилагательное
(of a person) having a round, plump appearance.
a roly-poly young boy
имя существительное
a sweet pastry dough covered with jam or fruit, formed into a roll, and boiled, steamed, or baked.
The list of puddings included deep pan apple pie, jam roly-poly and treacle sponge.
With Phys Ed cut from public school curriculum in favor of computer class, physical activity among today's roly-poly kids is down.
They will be cooking chicken rogan josh followed by apple and cinnamon roly-poly in the final.
First we popped in on a roly-poly Alsatian farm wife and watched her brewing outrageously smelly Munster cheese to the accompaniment of tub-thumping Bavarian music.
Rick was getting out of the shotgun seat and a roly-poly man with glasses was getting out of the driver's seat.
This could have been played seriously as in a caper film and worked much better than the roly-poly actor stumbling around trying to pull off the job for comic effect.
Everything was cooked in the one utensil; the square of bacon, amounting to little more than a taste each; cabbage, or other green vegetables, in one net, potatoes in another, and the roly-poly swathed in a cloth.
An old lady with a roly-poly figure waddled her way over to me and gave me a friendly smile.
Despite the copious amounts they can pack away, roly-poly types are less common than lanky or athletic builds, sometimes with the equine features of their symbol.
The others were all middle-aged roly-poly bearded guys.
The list of puddings included deep pan apple pie, jam roly-poly and treacle sponge.