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rollover / ворочать, перекатываться, ворочаться
roll, roll over, turn, roll out
roll over
roll over, tumble
имя существительное
the extension or transfer of a debt or other financial arrangement.
The 6% excise tax may also apply to ineligible rollovers unless they are corrected in a timely manner.
the overturning of a vehicle.
He, who was also killed that day, had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia five years previously after sustaining a serious head injury resulting from a rollover car accident, according to family members.
a facility on an electronic keyboard enabling one or several keystrokes to be registered correctly while another key is depressed.
If you miss the deadline because your financial institution bungled the rollover , you may be eligible for an automatic waiver, which means you don't have to apply for relief.
An employee may avoid the 20% withholding if the distribution is processed as a direct rollover to a Traditional IRA.
But the company said the amount represented the rollover of a loan which was not part of turnover.
a rollover bar
the lottery jackpot rollover is close to £4 million
The main reason is that SUVs carry a high risk of rollover; 62 percent of SUV deaths in 2000 occurred in rollover accidents.
group rollover relief
The main advantage of a rollover is that you usually get more investment choices and better control over your savings.
Emergency swerves to avoid a crash can themselves lead to rollover accidents.
This division is treated as a non-taxable transaction, which could be a transfer or rollover , depending on the financial institution.