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rolling / прокатка, вальцовка, катание
имя существительное
rolling, flatting, drawing
driving, rolling, drive
имя прилагательное
rotating, rotational, revolving, swivel, turning, rolling
hilly, rolling, knobby, downy, up-and-down
repeating, iterative, recurrent, rolling, reiterative, iterant
имя прилагательное
moving by turning over and over on an axis.
a rolling ball
(of land) extending in gentle undulations.
the rolling countryside
done or happening in a steady and continuous way.
a rolling program of reforms
move or cause to move in a particular direction by turning over and over on an axis.
the car rolled down into a ditch
(of a vehicle) move or run on wheels.
the van was rolling along the highway
turn (something flexible) over and over on itself to form a cylinder, tube, or ball.
she started to roll up her sleeping bag
flatten or spread (something) by using a roller or by passing it between rollers.
roll out the dough on a floured surface
(of a loud, deep sound such as that of thunder or drums) reverberate.
the first peals of thunder rolled across the sky
Scattered across the rolling European countryside, they were once memorialized, raised to the skies in a Kansas City park, they were set in stone.
What caused this dramatic change from rolling hills to such a ruggedly beautiful landscape?
Often called "Little Switzerland," it is beautiful, full of charming little lakes rolling hills and rugged open country.
The region is a bed of hot mineral springs, deep river gorges and rolling pastureland.
South Windsor is a lovely little town and the drive down to the launch was picturesque with rolling cornfields and wildflower meadows.
To the west the Rocky Mountains towered with their lofty snow-capped peaks and to the east the rolling plains extended as far as the eye could see.
Musically more forceful, big walls of rolling guitar ploughed through the album.
About a third of the population in Lebanon once lived in these rolling hills.
The line flared brilliant white, and then the great gates fell outwards with a rolling crash.
One thing I love about these rides is that they cover rolling hills over backroads.