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rollicking / бесшабашный, разухабистый
имя прилагательное
reckless, rollicking, daft, daffy, devil-may-care
имя прилагательное
exuberantly lively and amusing.
good rollicking fun
имя существительное
a severe reprimand.
You need someone who will hand out rollockings , pull people about and get them into shape.
act or behave in a jovial and exuberant fashion.
Just ask all those giddy people who rollicked through the nation's capital last week.
After his average form over the past two years, the protracted histrionics of his exit, and this latest tell-all tome, most fans view him simply as a narcissistic cry-baby who couldn't even take a rollicking from his own manager.
I got the rollicking of my life; I just wanted to bury my head and die!
The winners were announced at the end, but the prizes didn't matter when everyone had had such a rollicking time.
His new show got off to a rollicking start last Friday.
The album occupies three basic spaces: sparse and mournful, prickly and lush, and rollicking , but no two songs that might fit into any of the three categories sound the same.
The rollicking rock moment sounds like it could have been lifted straight from the his songbook and screams ‘hit.’
For the $10 admission, participants will get an evening of rollicking entertainment and a chance to win prizes in bingo-themed contests and games.
One would've had more rollicking good fun in an evening of prayers for the dead.
But, overall, this is rollicking good fun and a genuinely thrilling entry into the movie series which does much to erase any doubts that their finest had lost his edge.
I've had a bit of a rollicking for not riding with more restraint