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roller / ролик, вал, вальцовщик
имя существительное
roller, roll, pulley, castor, caster, sheave
shaft, tree, roller, roll, spindle, wave
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a cylinder that rotates around a central axis and is used in various machines and devices to move, flatten, or spread something.
This resistance could be reduced if the fixed shafts of the rollers were rotated as they moved.
a brightly colored crow-sized bird with predominantly blue plumage, having a characteristic tumbling display flight.
The delta, for example, has 325 species of birds - including spoonbills, European rollers and pelicans - and 160 of fish.
a bird of a breed of tumbler pigeon.
a bird of a breed of canary with a trilling song.
a broad surcingle, typically padded at the withers.
I'm told the kids really go for roller disco these days.
Generally you can achieve very similar results with a paint pad or a short-nap roller .
You put a box in here, the apples run up a roller and this machine only sorts, it doesn't wash.
Applying orange paint with a small roller , he wove a continuous, scribblelike band of color throughout the 25-foot-high space.
During the final phases, he uses a roller to apply paint to the highest points of the surface and then uses small brushes to add highlights.
Engineers unwind by playing roller hockey in the downstairs garage or racing remote-control blimps through the offices.
The front-mounted roller is designed with unsharpened blades welded to a hollow cylinder drum that can be filled with water for additional weight.
A thumb switch near the right handlebar engages the motor to press a roller on the motor shaft, which helps spin the tire.
Using a standard roller cover and paint tray apply the glaze to the wall starting at the ceiling and working your way down.
The sealer can usually be applied using a brush, roller or spray.