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rollback / откатывать или откатываться назад, снижать цены до прежнего уровня
откатывать или откатываться назад
roll back
снижать цены до прежнего уровня
roll back
имя существительное
a reduction or decrease.
a 5 percent rollback of personal income taxes
the process of restoring a database or program to a previously defined state, typically to recover from an error.
Modeling tables inside of your object means you also have to create a decent locking mechanism, complete with commits and rollbacks - something that most programmers are equipped to do.
restore (a database) to a previously defined state.
With this rollback of government, corporate involvement in daily life began to increase dramatically, and brands reached into the public sphere as never before.
The change is a major policy rollback by the administration and represents a sharp split with the country's governing council.
They have their own de facto border controls, laws, and an 80,000-strong army, and will be loath to permit any rollback of their autonomy.
The administration is using its power and authority to accomplish the biggest rollback in employee rights in more than half a century.
With the 2005 budget process about to begin, the betting is that the LDP will look for compromise on the rollback of the 1999 tax breaks.
Another rollback began, however, in 1874, when the Republican state legislature abolished ward elections for the San Francisco school board, and insisted that all board members be elected at large.
There would be a rollback of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans to pay for healthcare and other social programs.
The 1990s saw a rollback in government regulation at the same time as rapid growth in information technology.
a rollback to conditions not seen since the open shop days of the 1930s
We are not suggesting that the strike actions undertaken by organised labour over the past half-year implies a complete rollback of the economic liberalisation of the past twenty years.