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rollaway / откатывать, откатываться, рассеиваться
roll away, haul
roll away, recoil
scatter, dissipate, disperse, lift, break, tail away
имя существительное
a bed fitted with wheels or casters, allowing it to be moved easily.
a rollaway bed
It's not a real bed, just a rollaway bed the landlord lent us until my mother buys new furniture.
a rollaway bed
Nathan was snoring, and Amber had taken over the second rollaway bed, pretending to be asleep.
Finally, when everything was done, Kouki collapsed on the rollaway with a contented sigh.
a rollaway bed
You could squeeze 4 or 5 at a time into a hotel room - 2 in each bed plus a rollaway bed (which could be an extra charge).
I lay on the green rollaway cot on the floor beside her.