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roll-up / рулет, свертывание фронта
имя существительное
roll, roll-up
свертывание фронта
имя существительное
a hand-rolled cigarette.
The company has over 320 brands, including cigarettes, cigars and roll-your-own .
имя прилагательное
denoting something that can be rolled up.
roll-up panels
Most of the time, I asked instead for what my mother called the ‘bologna roll-up ,’ a slippery creation she'd herself invented.
A less expensive solution is to leave windows uncovered, or only minimally blocked with roll-up shades or sheer fabric panels.
She had another one of those kits like the one Chihirae had owned: a small leather roll-up pouch with grooming tools nestled in the loops.
It is not unlike being taught how to make your first roll-up .
The guacamole at Applebee's uses gelatin, and its vegetable roll-up tortilla may contain lard (pork fat).
Bring an inner-tube or a roll-up toboggan or something, so if the pigs show up you can pull a fancy Batman escape, zipping down the east face, giggling like an imp.
Add length on pants and sleeves by making roll-up cuffs in a contrasting color.
Cat drove around to the back of the office building, quickly getting out of the truck and knocking on the large steel roll-up door.
An overfull roll-your-own dangles precariously from his ever-present cigarette holder.
A few travellers wandered aimlessly between the caravans or sat nursing injuries and smoking roll-ups around the smouldering embers of a fire.