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roil / мутить, раздражать, взбалтывать
muddy, roil, cloud
provoke, irritate, displease, annoy, exasperate, roil
stir, shake up, agitate, churn, roil
make (a liquid) turbid or muddy by disturbing the sediment.
winds roil these waters
winds roil these waters
winds roil these waters
The clouds are pink, the seas around Hook's ship surge and roil , and the fairies dance deep in the forest.
Any religious film with violence is bound to roil some people.
The waves roil mightily, and batter and strike the ship so that they crush both sides of the hull and the planking almost shatters.
Something of Turner's seascapes, where everything appears to be roiling , comes through.
The water roils around the combatants, and the sky is filled with clouds and tiny lines that intensify the sense of cataclysm.
While again Rawsthorne doesn't go so far as to lose his head or wear his heart on his sleeve, one gets the impression of great passions roiling under a relatively calm surface.
That roiled his colleagues and, some argued, prolonged a stoppage that wiped out the World Series.
In the great Chaplin-versus-Keaton debate that's been roiling for decades among cinephiles, I come down firmly on the Chaplin side.