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roe / икра, косуля, молоки
имя существительное
caviar, roe, spawn, caviare, hard roe
milt, soft roe, roe
имя существительное
the mass of eggs contained in the ovaries of a female fish or shellfish, typically including the ovaries themselves, especially when ripe and used as food.
You need smoked cod's roe , which many good fishmongers sell.
a small Eurasian deer that lacks a visible tail and has a reddish summer coat that turns grayish in winter.
They preyed on roe deer , red deer, and wild boar, but were also much loathed and dreaded for their depredations against livestock, especially sheep.
rules of engagement (in combat).
Thousands of tons of lumpfish are harvested for their roe and urchins for their gonads - both products prized on the Asian market.
Sturgeons have been prized for their roe since ancient times, and markets for caviar have increased rapidly in recent years.
salmon roe
A rice porridge called ciporosayo was prepared by adding salmon roe to boiled grains.
I tried both the delicate, unsalty gravadlax and a tartare served with the roe and a very lemony asparagus salad.
Whereas pollock roe could be sold within a relatively short period of time, the rest of the production mainly consisted of finished fillets.
The fish was poached in seaweed and served warm with a tomato concassé, caper berries and finished off with herring roe and a little wasabi.
The state of California encouraged the fledgling industry in the 1970s when a lucrative market was found for sea urchin roe in Japan.
soft roe
These boats stay on the water, processing fish as they're caught and dumping the roe from each fish into basins marked ‘beluga’ ‘osetra’ and ‘sevruga’.