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rococo / рококо, стиль рококо
имя существительное
стиль рококо
имя прилагательное
в стиле рококо
безвкусно пышный
fussy, mannered, baroque, plateresque, rococo, arty-crafty
имя прилагательное
(of furniture or architecture) of or characterized by an elaborately ornamental late baroque style of decoration prevalent in 18th-century Continental Europe, with asymmetrical patterns involving motifs and scrollwork.
Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, baroque, and rococo facades combine to create majestic results.
имя существительное
the rococo style of art, decoration, or architecture.
In the Svindersvik manor, the characteristics of Swedish rococo were boiled down to their essence and even enhanced by its minute size.
Art nouveau's swirling forms and arabesques, decorative playfulness and openness to the exotic, in this case from Japan rather than China, also seem descended from rococo .
His rococo pieces were obviously executed before the neo-classical ones, but the transition between the two styles in England spanned at least a decade.
These furnishings included carpets, curtains, louvres, rococo chairs, plaster casts of antique statues and busts, paintings, Chinese vases and diverse plants.
Maria sat bolt upright on a pretty rococo chair, watching the dancing couples.
In Haydn's C major sonata he navigates its florid rococo embroidery with the deft assurance of a Swiss jeweler, while lending to Rachmaninoff's blustery Etude Tableau in D the grandeur its imitative bell sonorities demand.
As in the rococo period, virtually no surface was allowed to escape unembellished.
Her brushwork is lighter, looser, and more melodramatic than Freud's; there is even some pink playfulness - a touch of rococo - in her work.
Joseph McDonnell has highlighted instances where Irish goldsmiths appear to have used moulds to copy London designs in the rococo idiom.
Another example of the English rococo style promoted by Moser is the snuffbox recently promised to the Museum.
Charles-Joseph Natoire's resplendent decorative style typifies the sophistication and elegance of French art during the rococo period.