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rocker / рокер, коромысло, балансир
имя существительное
yoke, rocker, beam, balance beam, swipe, crossbeam
balance, rocker, beam, equalizer, walking beam, balance beam
имя прилагательное
очень низкий
rocker, rock-bottom
имя существительное
a person who performs, dances to, or enjoys rock music, especially of a particular type.
a punk rocker
a thing that rocks, in particular.
a curved bar or similar support on which something such as a chair or cradle can rock.
the amount of curvature in the longitudinal contour of a boat or surfboard.
any of the curved stripes below the chevron of a noncommissioned officer above the rank of sergeant.
Both men can't believe they still get to do something that they truly love, and each on has a unique take one being an aging rocker .
Dark, in need of a haircut and pathologically thin, he looked like a down-at-the-heels rocker .
As it stands, Earle is today probably best known more as a radical than as a rocker .
Still he plays his instrument of choice with all the skill and power of any standard rocker .
When one of France's coolest film-makers tried to find the ideal place for a junkie rocker and his messed-up wife to hit bottom, only one location would do: Hamilton.
He kicked the jack-of-all-trades route to the curb, got himself a band, and made a quick metamorphosis into a brash rocker .
the collection kick-starts with a great rocker, Wired All Night
I remembered how she could sit in that rocker for hours and hours and hours and make designs.
About the closest I could relate to it was my teenage days as a Goth rocker , when my girlfriend used to put some white face on me to take away my tan, and we wore all black.
Other items remained recognizable as parts of domestic or industrial objects, including the curving back of a wicker love seat, bundles of chair and table legs, and the back of a bentwood rocker .