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rock-solid / скала
имя прилагательное
unlikely to change, fail, or collapse.
her love was rock solid
With such a rock-solid and steadfast premise, the most drastic changes to the show usually involve cast replacements.
There is some graininess and picture noise from time to time, but for the most part the image is rock-solid .
At its heart, Rushmore is a genuine, rock-solid human life-story flavored with pathos and comedy and sprinkled with classic movie references.
Natural use of humor permeates the Studio in an upbeat environment, backed up with rock-solid teaching.
The regulars are rock-solid as always.
Directed with a magnificent hand, shot expertly with beautiful cinematography, this is a wonderfully moving script, with incredible acting, and a rock-solid DVD presentation.
Steely Dan is a combination of rock-solid music and biting satire mixed with humor, a band that has been around seemingly forever.
At the same time, it's moving to see how panicked the older nuns are at the changes taking place in their formerly rock-solid world.
If Harl now worries about the future of rock-solid family farms, it's time for all of us to be worried, no matter how competitive we think we are.
Janzer's viola tone is gorgeous, and Szabo provides a rock-solid foundation and attractive tone throughout his instrument's register.