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robust / крепкий, здравый, сильный
имя прилагательное
strong, hard, sturdy, solid, fast, robust
robust, sound, sensible, sane, sober, wholesome
strong, keen, powerful, severe, heavy, robust
имя прилагательное
strong and healthy; vigorous.
the Caplans are a robust, healthy lot
He doesn't prune it regularly, but still he must do enough cutting to get a tractor under the robust limbs.
You're planning a dinner for eight important guests and want the perfect robust red to go with filet mignon.
The wear and tear after twelve weeks of children running, jumping, and rarely standing still further supports Waterson's choice of robust construction elements, hazard signs and protective barriers.
An expanded colour palette brings this robust design classic up to date.
He starts out robust and powerful and full of vinegar, and becomes a man beaten down by tragedy.
The two robust and muscular nudes on this sheet have also been interpreted as Leonardo's response to Michelangelo's depictions of the male nude.
The robust economy has resulted in more than seven million people worldwide now classed as high-net-worth individuals, with assets of $1 million or more.
He recommends new buildings should be more robust to deal with extreme weather events, such as hurricanes.
Above ground, the treatment of robust metal castings, stainless-steel plate and floor finishes is more refined, to achieve a visible tactile quality in areas of immediate public contact.
Though he looks fit and robust , he says the results of all the wining and dining that go with his job are beginning to take their toll.