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robotic / роботизированный
имя прилагательное
of or relating to robots.
a robotic device for performing surgery
It's also renowned for its constant quest to improve through homegrown technology, like clean rooms, proprietary software programs and robotic mat cutters.
We also installed new case packers, a new check weigher system, robotic palletizers and automatic box formers.
‘Increasing automation through robotic packaging is what we are looking into right now,’ he says.
For these analyses, robotic equipment precisely places pieces of the pathogen's DNA in an array of infinitesimally small droplets on glass microscope slides.
There were two pens in the barn: the north pen, which housed cows milked with a robotic milker, and the south pen, which housed cows milked in a conventional parlor.
She wondered if her fiancé even noticed her robotic mood.
Fastcorp reconfigured its ice cream vending machines five years ago to keep moving parts outside the freezer, and ice cream is delivered to the consumer by a vacuum attached to a robotic arm.
One day the system could evolve into a robotic device for continuous monitoring of crop canopies in a production setting.
Clearly Sermon's work does not include a dexterous robotic arm, a standard device of telerobotics.
‘The robotic palletization versus the hand palletization - that is an area where we've really invested some dollars up front to eliminate back injuries,’ he says.