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robot / робот, автомат, телемеханическое устройство
имя существительное
machine, automatic, automaton, automatic machine, machine gun, robot
телемеханическое устройство
имя прилагательное
auto, automatic, automatical, robot, unmanned, mechanical
имя существительное
a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.
Science and design also are brought together with interactive robots and large-scale computer graphics.
Even if a robot can love humans, can humans learn to love them back?
They also meet and fight Hakaider, an android that looks more robot than human with his exposed brainpan.
The film was very funny, with a young punk kid teaching an emotionless robot how to be more human, creating many funny and moving moments.
waiting at a robot I caught the eye of a young woman
In this movie, the kids use their knowledge of the human skeleton, joints, and muscles to build a robot .
For adults, it seems like robot vacuums and iPods are getting a lot of play.
the robot closed the door behind us
He quickly loaded it, associating the robot arm controller object with the program.
When a scientist is murdered, apparently by a robot, detective Del Spooner, is asked to investigate, even though such a crime would violate the Laws of Robotics, which state that a robot can never harm a human being.
This robot should be able to go 40 or 50 kilometers, and really determine if there's life on Mars and what kind of life there really is.