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robe / халат, одеяние, мантия
имя существительное
bathrobe, robe, dressing gown, wrapper, morning gown, whites
apparel, garment, robe, dress, garb, raiment
mantle, gown, robe, cloak, pallium, pall
vest, robe
put on, don, get into, get on, slip on, robe
vest, invest, enrobe, garb, array, robe
имя существительное
a long, loose outer garment.
The selection of textiles range from a fragment of printed cotton purchased at a flea market to Parisian couture gowns, African wall hangings and Turkish robes .
a small blanket; lap robe.
clothe in a long, loose outer garment.
a circle of robed figures
I would have wrapped my warm, terry cloth robe about me, but it wasn't in the bathroom.
A seated Buddha carved of sandstone in Cave 8 at Yungang also has rounded forms of head and body, similarly wrapped in the monk's robe .
She carefully got out wiping her smooth legs dry then putting on the terry cotton robe to answer the door.
She swung around, tying the robe around her waist, giving him a glare.
She quickly grabbed a nearby towel and threw on her terry cloth robe .
A woman in a white flowing robe walks through an Egyptian temple as a hawk swoops over her shoulder.
She sits around all day in a shabby robe , dwelling on the past, a time when she used to be ‘so pretty and popular.’
The duke touches the arm of a bearded man in Eastern headdress and brocade robe .
Five middle-aged businessmen in a desert landscape politely stand before a Middle Eastern man wearing a turban and robe .
She wrapped a red silk robe around herself and tied it.