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robbery / ограбление, грабеж, разбой
имя существительное
robbery, loot, burglary, heist, pillage, hijacking
robbery, looting, plunder, pillage, plundering, pillaging
robbery, brigandage
имя существительное
the action of robbing a person or place.
he was involved in drugs, violence, extortion, and robbery
an armed robbery
he was involved in drugs, violence, extortion, and robbery
an armed robbery
armed robbery
A taciturn man, Olivier still grieves for his son, who was murdered during an attempted car robbery some years before.
He plans the first robbery in Venice, which involves the theft of gold ingots worth $35 million.
As he learns, the murders were a cover up for the diamond robbery that took place that night.
he was involved in drugs, extortion, and robbery
I do indeed find political aspects to some robberies , but note that most were not directed against symbolic targets.
Together, they begin a series of train robberies that makes them famous throughout the South.