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roan / чалый
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
чалая лошадь
мягкая овечья кожа
travel all over, roan
имя прилагательное
denoting an animal, especially a horse or cow, having a coat of a main color thickly interspersed with hairs of another color, typically bay, chestnut, or black mixed with white.
Gualtero rounded the corner leading the horses - his palomino stallion, Sullivan's buckskin mare, and a third horse, a roan mare with a creamy blond mane and tail.
имя существительное
an animal with a roan coat.
the roan on the right is a stallion
soft flexible leather made from sheepskin, used in bookbinding as an inexpensive substitute for morocco.
‘I don't see the gray man you described or a roan pinto though,’ Biagio said.
His horse was an old roan he'd had since, well, about forever.
The roan gelding set off immediately and the buggy headed back down the road to pass under the large stone arch.
Unicorns of nearly every shade passed her eyes; there was a bay, a beautiful roan , a chestnut, and a unicorn black in color.
The roan the girl was riding snorted and pulled back it's ears in protest.
Charlie left town on his roan with the palomino and a donkey laden down with supplies.
He reined his roan mare and fell behind his master.
Sullivan took his buckskin mare's reins and ran a fond hand over the animal's forehead as he eyed the roan .
A stableboy met them with a roan pony, sleek and comfortably saddled.
As if on cue, the chestnut roan he had given her to ride stomped its hoof in agreement, undoubtedly tired and hungry herself.