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roam / бродить, странствовать, скитаться
wander, roam, ferment, prowl, ramble, stroll
wander, roam, itinerate, range, rove, stroll
wander, roam, rove, vagabond, range, stray
имя существительное
itinerancy, roam, itineration, peregrination, itineracy
move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically, especially over a wide area.
tigers once roamed over most of Asia
имя существительное
an aimless walk.
he let his mind roam as he walked
he let his eyes roam her face
The Festival Committee, however, thought it necessary to underline the visitors' right to roam .
he let his eyes roam her face
When it was purchased by a different zoo, it was to be placed in a natural environment where it could roam more freely.
It houses a remarkable collection of animals - most kept, as one might expect in such a civilized country, in large enclosures in which they can roam about with some semblance of freedom.
One of the people who encouraged him to let his imagination roam was his friend, Pierre.
Not only do the GPS units track where the cattle roam , they also monitor head movements, thus indicating whether the cattle are eating, sleeping, or just walking.
Throughout my childhood, the hills with the unique catsteps formations were simply a wonderful place to roam .
In an outbreak, well over 100,000 of the flightless crickets roam across the land, devouring crops, grasses, and ornamentals as they go.