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roadway / шоссе, мостовая, проезжая часть дороги
имя существительное
highway, road, roadway, high road, metalled road
pavement, roadway, road, paving, causeway, pave
проезжая часть дороги
carriageway, roadway
имя существительное
a road.
Access to local land is a key function of local roads, whereas mobility, defined as moving traffic on longer trips, is a key function of national roadways such as Interstate Highways.
Despite the addition in the 1960s of pole-mounted floodlights to illuminate the roadway , plans to light the entire structure never materialized.
The roadway had been widened and paved, and presently received a prestigious name: the Avenue Paul Cezanne.
Few roots will grow beneath an impervious surface such as a roadway .
Tom White opens with the view from a car speeding along a raised roadway at night.
A county bridge about 1-1/2 miles downstream washed out, and the roadway was severely damaged.
When illuminated at night, the structure creates an illusion of glittering crystal arching over the roadway .
Eighty-two were charged with misdemeanors for failing to obey a traffic officer and blocking a roadway .
If these findings hold up in further experiments, engineers will know where to focus to quiet our roadways .
For five years, the automaker has littered the roadways with disgruntled owners.
Second, these data describe only the portion of rural roadways eligible for federal funding.