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roadside / придорожный
имя прилагательное
roadside, wayside
имя существительное
roadside, curb, shoulder, verge, wayside, kerb
край дороги
имя существительное
the strip of land beside a road.
trash left on the roadside
roadside café
‘These roadside scenes jump out at me,’ he said.
by the roadside
The motley assortment of passengers take refuge in a roadside cafe, where they are soon cut off from the world by the storm and discover that there's a murderer in their midst.
Powell noted the clock on a roadside billboard: 5: 20 p.m.
Vincent spends his days driving aimlessly about the French interior, stopping on occasion to read his newspaper in a park or to drink coffee in a roadside cafe.
roadside cafes
As she tells it, three young women were sitting in the cab of a pickup truck parked at the roadside in some nameless coastal town.
Along with the signs, he said, the roadside motels and cafes are themselves art objects.
His intention was to move his unusual trees a hundred miles to the new location and to develop a roadside attraction.