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roadshow / роуд-шоу
имя существительное
a touring show of performers, especially pop musicians.
In March, the electronics company will also host a 12-city tour with a roadshow explaining to retailers what Nuon is and how to pitch it.
the bank is planning a European and American roadshow
witness the last great rock 'n' roll band demolish an entire city with their million-decibel roadshow
The company lost its place in the FTSE 100 last month despite its chairman going on a last-minute roadshow to drum up City support.
Clinton's roadshow had the breezy feel of a candidate on a victory lap
He became one of the Esat inner circle and travelled with O'Brien on funding roadshows in the United States.
On top of this, Radio 1, still at the time hosting huge roadshows with Status Quo, was keen on a worthy, speech-based programme.
But his effective communication skills will be a particular advantage on investor relations roadshows .
This year involves a series of events and initiatives nationwide, including radio roadshows with the architect and TV presenter and a primary schools programme.
One supplier of bottled water imported from Malaysia started to hold roadshows at shopping malls recently.