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roadie / роуди
имя существительное
a person employed by a touring band of musicians to set up and maintain equipment.
I have this theory about roadies and headlining bands: If a roadie walks across the stage, it's at least two minutes before the band go on.
work as a roadie.
He looked like he roadied for the Stones at Altamont.
A roadie ran on with another mic so then I was holding two mics taped together and I wasn't really sure which one to sing into.
I liked being a roadie and I had made some amazing friends over the past four years.
Playing this sort of music did nothing to bring me towards liking pop but that all changed when I got a job as a roadie for Johnny Dankworth's big band.
He was a sweet guy, a great roadie , and nice to have around when it came time to get paid.
Smitten, Travis hopes to win Lola's affections by heading cross country with her in a traveling rock band as their number one roadie !
Soft-spoken guitar tuner and roadie Mitch longs to be a guitar player and to have some of the perks of the obnoxious guitar idol he works for.
She used to be a roadie for a rock band and a biker.
One night, the band ordered some Indian food and a whole bunch of it spilled on the floor and I asked the roadies to please clean it up.
After a prolonged break allowing the roadies time to set the distortion pedals to full power, the Foo Fighters finally took to the stage.
In addition to the normal guitars, drums etc, roadies also brought out a number of tree branches, which were dotted liberally around the stage, giving it a pastoral feel.