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roadbed / полотно дороги
имя существительное
полотно дороги
имя существительное
the material laid down to form a road.
Add such attachments as scarifiers, and graders can even tear up old roadbeds .
Road damage starts when buses and other heavy vehicles over a certain weight threshold cause the roadbed to flex and crack.
Sections of the roadbed where erosion and poor landscaping along steep grades create a safety concern will also be reinforced or shored-up.
These carefully concealed elevators, built within the highway tunnels located in Portland's West Hills, will have the capacity to lift both vehicles and helicopters to the highway roadbed .
A minority of these roads, although listed with a carriageway of constant thickness, may have had a similar surface profile, provided the roadbed on which they were formed had a central camber.
On our left, a sheering ledge cut off the roadbed .
They begin beneath the roadbed where subsurface water meets the advancing frost line and forms a layer of ice, called a lens.
The men who built this railway had to hang suspended by ropes from vertical cliffs, blasting and hacking out a roadbed .
This marker also stands on the abandoned roadbed of the St. Paul and Southern Railway.
The board said it believes someone crept down to the dusty roadbed after the last vehicle went by and dug in a mine to catch the next passing vehicle.
The roadbed looked like it was made from rectangular white building stones, grouted together carefully, that had been grossly discolored.