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rivulet / речушка, ручей
имя существительное
stream, creek, brook, rivulet, groove, watercourse
имя существительное
a very small stream.
sweat ran in rivulets down his back
The sun falling upon my back has turned the dampness beneath my hair to wet, a tiny rivulet of sweat trickling down my spine.
The titanium container smashed into the ground, and a small rivulet of fuchsia trickled out.
He wiped upwards from where the rivulet of blood was running down his arm and up to the puncture.
Beads of perspiration rolled merrily along my hairline and flowed down the shallow rivulet between eye and nose.
At one point, Parry struck himself in the face, and for the rest of the set he performed with a thin rivulet of blood running down his cheek.
Her stockings are ruined and a rivulet of blood trickles from one of her knees.
A small rivulet of water had come off from the main stream, and had formed a clear puddle about two feet across.
Stubbornly, he rolled over and refused to wake, a thin rivulet of droll dripping from his chin.
A small rivulet of blood trailed down the screen.
The overall presentation of Hero is so tastefully restrained that a tiny rivulet of blood is all that ever flows after a fighter is mortally wounded.