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rivet / клепать, заклепывать, склепывать
rivet, clench, clinch
arrest, rivet, enchain, nail, root
имя существительное
rivet, clincher, clench, clinch
имя существительное
a short metal pin or bolt for holding together two plates of metal, its headless end being beaten out or pressed down when in place.
‘For one, I just went to the hardware store and bought sheet metal, rivets and screws, and bolts and nuts’ he said.
join or fasten (plates of metal or other material) with a rivet or rivets.
the linings are bonded, not riveted, to the brake shoes for longer wear
And it is to rivet this detail in our mind that at this point Defoe describes Crusoe's wardrobe.
This entailed drilling a hole in each bullet to take the rivet .
They would cut these cans in half and others would rivet and weld the feet on to the cans and they were then turned into cooking stoves.
It may occasionally go a bit far; it may not surprise you with every single twist; but the story, witty dialogue, and acting will rivet you.
a rectangular plate containing an iron rivet
If the rivet is too short, there is not enough material to form a satisfactory blind side (shop-formed) head.
The pop rivet itself looks something like a nail with a flanged metal sleeve over one end.
The wooden foundations and a prevalence of ground water has caused subsidence ever since, and in 1993 a rivet fell from the metal skeleton.
The next movement, a tedious and far too expansive Ländler, does not rivet the listener's attention like the first.
the grip on her arm was firm enough to rivet her to the spot