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riverine / речной, прибрежный
имя прилагательное
river, fluvial, riverine, potamic, riverain
riparian, littoral, riverside, in-shore, riverine, seaboard
имя существительное
человек, живущий у реки
riverain, riverine
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or situated on a river or riverbank; riparian.
a riverine village
During European colonization, Italians established plantations in the riverine area and settled many poor Italian families on the land to raise crops.
The destruction wrought by sudden, violent, and uncontrollable flooding, however, was recognized as a recurrent problem for riverine communities, landowners, and businesses.
The soils are mostly leached sands and are defined as generally poor in nutrients and relatively saline except for the clay riverine soils.
This riverine port, 125 miles from the capital, accessible by paved road only in 1996, still has one of the best hospitals in Central Africa.
The Egyptians, also a riverine people, did not develop clay but concentrated on plants, using a reed brush to paint their signs on papyrus stems that were pressed together to form sheets held in place by their own gum.