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rite / обряд, ритуал, церемония
имя существительное
rite, ceremony, observance, ordinance, ceremonial, office
ritual, rite, observance, exercise, sacramental
ceremony, rite, circumstance, form
имя существительное
a religious or other solemn ceremony or act.
the rite of communion
the Byzantine rite
The recipient must be an American boy or girl celebrating a religious rite : a first communion, confirmation, bar or bat mitzvah.
The earth is sacred, and no ploughing or sowing or reaping can take place without some religious rite .
the British family Christmas rite
the family Christmas rite
the rite of communion
As I have mentioned, the sacrificial rite of kirasudj is held one month after the burial by adherents of traditional religion.
A second springtime fertility rite , in which unmarried women perform dances and songs, coincides with St. Lazar's Day, eight days before Easter.
the Byzantine rite
The Church of England still does not sanction remarriage of divorcees - i.e. they cannot be remarried using the full religious rite , though their civil marriages can be blessed by the church, and they can be admitted to communion.