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risotto / рисотто
имя существительное
имя существительное
an Italian dish of rice cooked in stock with other ingredients such as meat and vegetables.
The infused ‘saffron water ‘gives risottos and pasta dishes an exotic flavour and rich colour.’
she ordered risotto
Other starters included risotto of butternut squash with semi-dried tomatoes and blue cheese dressing.
Prawn risotto with dill and creme fraiche had all the promise of a light but punchy starter.
Flakes of moist salmon had a depth of flavour which revealed quality sourcing, the clam risotto made a full flavoured accompaniment and perfect with the high note of the asparagus.
She was busy again, adding the cheese to the risotto .
For dessert, I ordered the warm poached pear filled with creme brulée and served on a bed of creamed risotto .
Instead we savor parsley risotto with English asparagus and wild mushrooms, sautéed scallops in lentil-and-coriander sauce, and pan-fried veal with foie gras.
The first course was a minestrone, and the second course was a vegetarian risotto .
The risotto was something of a success with a delicious combination of savoury Arborio rice and caramelised onions.
He ordered the tomato risotto with basil, Mediterranean and roasted vegetables for €14.50.