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risk / риск
имя существительное
risk, hazard, chance, peril, adventure, jeopardy
risk, take risks, venture, gamble, jeopardize, take a chance
dare, risk, adventure, hazard
имя существительное
a situation involving exposure to danger.
flouting the law was too much of a risk
expose (someone or something valued) to danger, harm, or loss.
he risked his life to save his dog
project finance is essentially an exercise in risk management
reduce the risk of heart disease
I wasn't going to risk my friends safety, plus Nick was getting scary.
Truthfully, I am scared, and though it may be foolish, I am willing to risk my life, for a chance.
all outdoor activities carry an element of risk
If there was a chance that I could meet him again, then I was ready to risk anything, just for that single chance.
risk prevention
But the bigger financial risk is the hidden cost of doing nothing.
the flood risk was ignored
gloss paint can burn strongly and pose a fire risk