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rising / восстание, повышение, восход
имя существительное
insurrection, uprising, rebellion, revolt, rising, mutiny
rise, raise, rising, elevation, hike, advance
sunrise, rising, rise, uprise
имя прилагательное
rising, arising, ascensive, orient
rising, upward, ascendant, uprising, upcast, uprise
rising, raising, up
имя прилагательное
going up, increasing, or sloping upward.
the rising temperature
(of a bird) depicted with the wings open but not fully displayed, as if preparing for flight.
имя существительное
an armed protest against authority; a revolt.
In 1905 itself it was not so much the urban disorders as the peasant risings which most alarmed the government.
move from a lower position to a higher one; come or go up.
the tiny aircraft rose from the ground
get up from lying, sitting, or kneeling.
she pushed back her chair and rose
(of land or a feature following the contours of the land) incline upward; become higher.
the moorlands rise and fall in gentle folds
increase in number, size, amount, or quality.
land prices had risen
approaching (a specified age).
she was thirty-nine rising forty
It began freshman year of high school, and now, they are beginning their rising senior summer.
Elizabeth was the new rising star in Hollywood.
The French guy beside me has covered himself with a blanket to block out the rising sun.
Both turned their attention back to the rising sun.
The bright rays of the rising sun filtered through a stained glass window at the room's far end, revealing the large amounts of dust which drifted about.
As the rate of rising sea level gradually slowed, rivers began to build deltas from retreating shorelines into the encroaching seas.
However, already irritated by the heat, there is only rising tension between the people in the room, particularly between Tom and Jay.
Mason was yelling louder than before now, he must have realized the danger of the rising water level as the river became more ferocious.
Desperate digging against the rising water level managed to salvage a tiny fraction of its priceless mosaics, now displayed in Gaziantep museum.
By this time, he was a budding boxer and a rising street icon, a ghetto celeb feared throughout Queens, in control of a crack house and the main drug-selling strip.