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riser / стояк, прибыль, выпор
имя существительное
profit, income, earnings, gain, return, riser
riser, vent, rise, airhole
имя существительное
a person who habitually gets out of bed at a particular time of the morning.
late risers always exasperate early risers
a vertical section between the treads of a staircase.
In all the houses, suspended straight-flight stairs have treads and risers made of continuous sheets of folded steel with flat steel stringers.
a vertical pipe for the upward flow of liquid or gas.
The buried valve allowing them to drain and avoid freezing can allow bacterially contaminated water to be drawn into the riser pipe leading to the hydrant.
a low platform on a stage or in an auditorium, used to give greater prominence to a speaker or performer.
A slight stumble going down the risers to leave the stage did not mar the performance at all.
a strip of webbing joining the harness and the rigging lines of a parachute or paraglider.
Good garden steps should have a slight riser (approximately five inches) and a broad tread that will accommodate a foot without crowding.
Bored and not that impressed as the set began to wrap up, I saw the drum riser slowly rose to about 15 feet off the ground.
the main gas riser there was relocated
I was usually a late riser - and a cranky girl in the morning to boot.
The tread and riser of each step is proportionately different so that consecutive steps require slightly different muscular effort, which Steele thought would reduce fatigue.
I enjoy the fact that I am the only early riser in my house because I usually get two hours in the morning without seeing or speaking to anyone.
My aunt is the only early riser of the house, up before first light most mornings, so at least there was coffee already percolating and breakfast being made.
My idea of self-improvement is to stay at home, explore a new book and, as I am an early riser , to go to bed early.
Always a late riser , I'd wake up around eleven every morning to brunch at a deliciously set table where my ‘roomie’, as I called her, would regale me with the tale of her day so far.
Sarah was likely to remain asleep for several more hours but Anna had always been an early riser no matter how late she had gone to bed the night before.