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riptide / разрывное течение, волновая толчея
имя существительное
разрывное течение
волновая толчея
On top of this, there are strong winds, overly large waves, the occasional riptide and a high number of shark attacks.
For those who don't mind the odd riptide , the water's inviting.
It was a bit dramatic, there was a riptide pulling me out.
Little did he know he would be caught in a riptide of conflicting currents.
The woman who drowned was Joanne one of the 47 people who had gone for a swim and was caught in the riptide .
Andrew waded out to try to reach a gun-line, but was caught in a riptide which began to pull him under.
It's not the kind of weather that encourages you to jump into frigid waters, especially considering the additional risk of riptides that may carry you out into open ocean, right into the gaping mouths of great white sharks.
Relax and rationalise your fears, make sure that your instructor teaches you about the water, learn about the effects of currents and riptides .
As we sat on the sand, five female instructors talked to us about currents, riptides and the nature of waves.
The surf was unusually rough, with fierce riptides and waves breaking as high as ten feet.