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ripple / рябь, пульсация, волнистость
имя существительное
ripple, ruffle, riffle
pulsation, ripple, pulse, throbbing, throb, beat
undulation, ripple, corrugation, wave
ruffle, ripple, curl
flow, stream, run, ripple, wash, spout
покрывать рябью
имя существительное
a small wave or series of waves on the surface of water, especially as caused by an object dropping into it or a slight breeze.
Feeling the need to vent his anger, Shane threw a stone into the little pond at Central Park, causing a series of violent ripples in the water that was before so calm.
a type of ice cream with wavy lines of colored flavored syrup running through it.
raspberry ripple
(of water) form or flow with small waves on the surface.
the Mediterranean rippled and sparkled
His friends hear and a ripple of laughter spreads through them.
ripple current
But a soft ripple of laughter emerges from the other young woman in the room, who's been standing and admiring her image in the tall mirror by the dresser.
The fans seemed vocal for both bands at this particular show, but with little more than a small ripple of movement every now and then, this night left much to be desired.
The children's cries ripple through the orphanage.
A ripple of nervous laughter ran through the crowd.
The movement brought a ripple of laughter from the audience.
raspberry ripple
The trees and bushes around her began to rustle and the water began to ripple again, like some unseen being was swimming.
Ian thought he heard a murmur ripple through the crowd, and glanced quickly over his shoulder.