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ripen / созревать, дозреть, зреть
ripen, mature, mellow, grow up, season
ripen, grow ripe
имя существительное
completeness, finish, finality, perfection, thoroughness, ripen
become or make ripe.
honeydew melons ripen slowly
Acorns and black gum fruits also ripen in autumn.
As the apples begin to ripen , orders go out that all the windfall apples and the main crop later on are to be reserved for the sole use of the pigs.
As the seeds ripen , they begin to extrude from the fruit casing.
honeydew melons ripen slowly
The dome-shaped shade displays apples and grapes arranged in a progression of color as the fruits appear to ripen with the seasons.
Plastics may be used early in the season to increase soil temperatures and extend the growing season or to help ripen fruit.
honeydew melons ripen slowly
The fruit drops off before ripening and has poor color.
The flowers were still as beautiful and bright as the first day I had been there, and the fruit was still ripened to perfection, dangling from the trees.
Before we release a new blueberry plant, we want to know when the fruit ripens , that the plants grow vigorously, and that they produce high-quality fruit.