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rip-roaring / буйный, шумный, отличный
имя прилагательное
exuberant, lush, wild, riotous, luxuriant, rip-roaring
noisy, bustling, loud, tumultuous, rowdy, rip-roaring
great, excellent, cool, splendid, classy, rip-roaring
имя прилагательное
full of energy and vigor.
a rip-roaring rodeo
I take the hint: more rip-roaring sing-alongs, more violin.
Nevertheless, the gig still proved a rip-roaring success and was followed by an after-show party.
We didn't just go through a recession in 2000; it was a recession that followed a rip-roaring expansion, in which ordinary workers made piles of money in the stock market.
Both men agreed that it was a rip-roaring case that would bring them together for an altruistic cause like they had in years past.
The Second Show - with the bigger crowd and less interference from the TV people - is the superior performance; it's far more energetic and rip-roaring .
We've got some rip-roaring combat in the movie I've made.
This rip-roaring growth, however, has left other areas of archaeology totally overshadowed.
But before Rex tells any more of his rip-roaring stories over kangaroo steaks and tin mugs of red wine around his island campfire, he wants to get a few things straight.
Having got off to such a rip-roaring start, however, the album sometimes struggles to maintain such high standards.
And it's certainly not interested in making its exports expensive enough to slow down a rip-roaring economy that needs to absorb 10 million new workers a year.