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rip-off / грабеж, плагиат, мошенничество
имя существительное
robbery, looting, plunder, pillage, plundering, rip-off
plagiarism, crib, plagiary, rip-off
fraud, cheating, swindle, cheat, dishonesty, rip-off
имя существительное
a fraud or swindle, especially something that is grossly overpriced.
designer label clothes are just expensive rip-offs
Remind me how the FSA protects investors from unscrupulous companies and salespeople and rip-off products?
And perhaps more importantly, most authors don't want to name names when it comes to pointing out bad products or rip-off hosting companies, of which there are far too many.
A while back there was a discussion on this forum about how the film was basically a rip-off of some director or company.
The frequency of this consumer crusade by our guardians in Wapping has led most people to believe that these cheap bits of degradable plastic are nothing but a rip-off of the highest order.
And it may make rip-off artists think twice before churning out knock-offs.
Okay, so we all know that Hollywood thrives on the unoriginal - homages, remakes, sequels, adaptations and jes'plain rip-offs .
These ‘explorers’ often claim to be benevolent defenders of freedom and fighters against rip-offs by major corporations or spying by government agents.
In my view, and speaking as someone who worked in this industry for over eleven years, payment protection insurance is one of the most grotesque financial rip-offs ever.
Then you can count on some no-name studio to produce rip-offs of those blockbusters.
In other words, its profit margins are around 80%, which makes it one of the UK's biggest financial rip-offs .