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rip / разрыв, разрез, прореха
имя существительное
gap, break, rupture, breaking, discontinuity, rip
section, cutting, cut, incision, slit, rip
tear, rent, rip, jag
tear, break, rip, pick, puke, pull
распиливать вдоль волокон
split, crack, split up, clove, cleave, rip
имя существительное
a long tear or cut.
A jagged piece of basalt had torn a fresh rip in the hem of her robes, and a gash from the same rock was bleeding freely.
a fraud or swindle; a rip-off.
If you think it's a rip , don't buy it!
a dissolute immoral person, especially a man.
“Where is that old rip?” a deep voice shouted
a worthless horse.
tear or pull (something) quickly or forcibly away from something or someone.
a fan tried to rip his pants off during a show
move forcefully and rapidly.
fire ripped through her bungalow
use a program to copy (material from a CD or DVD) onto a computer's hard drive.
every Beatles song ever made, ripped from my boxed set of CDs
The pants had a rip on the knee.
The removal of each piece was punctuated by the rip of Velcro.
he felt the gut-wrenching tug of the rip as he approached the shore
a fan tried to rip his pants off during a show
Media encoding for home and professional use is becoming more popular, as more users rip audio to their hard drives, or edit home movies.
If you think it's a rip , don't buy it!
‘Where is that old rip?’ a deep voice shouted
The jagged edges dug into his fingers and palm, but the pain didn't compare with the agonizing rip of his heart splitting in two.
he seemed to be saying with each rip of a page—how dare she enjoy reading books?
Carefully, doing her best not to rip it, Adia pulled the crumpled piece of paper out of the hole and unfolded it.