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riot / бунт, беспорядки, буйство
имя существительное
revolt, rebellion, riot, mutiny, insurrection
disorder, confusion, unrest, riot, disturbance, trouble
riot, rampage, tumult, rowdiness, rampancy, rabblement
rebel, riot
rampage, riot
предаваться разгулу
имя существительное
a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.
riots broke out in the capital
an impressively large or varied display of something.
the garden was a riot of color
a highly amusing or entertaining person or thing.
everyone thought she was a riot
take part in a violent public disturbance.
students rioted in Paris
The thrilling power of the orchestra's huge string section was unleashed even more impressively in the second movement, a riot of non-stop energy.
the garden was a riot of colour
If this all continued then Ms. Lexing had a massively large riot to handle.
the garden was a riot of color
For weeks beforehand, school children make thousands upon thousands of crepe paper flowers, which are then attached to the twisted, bleak-looking vines in a riot of primary colours.
everyone thought she was a riot
The elaboration of the arch-building tradition continued through the inter-war years and reached a climax in 1939 when a riot of extravagant designs was depicted in the local press.
The deciduous trees were already a riot of color, turning the hills rusty-gold in patches while the evergreens formed their own enclaves.
I wasn't sure how many floors there were to the place: the frontage was a riot of shingle roofs and gables, annexes and additions, windows of all shapes and sizes.
a riot of emotions raged through Frances