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rink / каток, скетинг-ринк
имя существительное
rink, ice rink, slide, roll, truck, calender
кататься на роликах
rink, roller-skate
имя существительное
an enclosed area of ice for skating, ice hockey, or curling, especially one artificially prepared.
Jessica and I went ice skating at an indoor ice rink .
Me and a couple of friends are going to the roller-skating rink downtown after school.
News gets better with the Perth rink on a roll with 4 wins and two defeats prior to our third last game.
The roller rink was the cool hang out until I was 14.
The county under 25's double rink (male) have qualified for the regional finals at by beating Hertfordshire by 16 shots.
I had been the one to suggest we go skating right then and not later like he had suggested, at the indoor rink the next day.
She skated across the rink and came back next to me waiting for an answer.
On Rink 3 the home rink skipped by Tom Ferris was losing by 4 shots to 2.
They play awesome music and you ice-skate or dance on the floor in the middle of the rink .
Katalyn and Greg skated out to the center of the rink .
I step off the ice, and skate a victory lap around the rink , and grab the American flag that one of the fans held out for me.