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ring / кольцо, ринг, круг
имя существительное
ring, annulus, circle, collar, race, hoop
ring, prize ring, prise-ring
circle, range, round, lap, disk, ring
ring, chime, ting, ring up, ring at, sound
ring, clink, jingle, ding, clang, tingle
sound, ring, resound, speak, go, vibrate
имя существительное
a small circular band, typically of precious metal and often set with one or more gemstones, worn on a finger as an ornament or a token of marriage, engagement, or authority.
The diamond ring and the wedding band Nikolas placed on my finger six months ago blinds me as it catches the sun's rays.
an enclosed space, typically surrounded by seating for spectators, in which a sport, performance, or show takes place.
a circus ring
a group of people or things arranged in a circle.
he pointed to the ring of trees
a circular or spiral course.
they were dancing energetically in a ring
a set of elements with two binary operations, addition and multiplication, the second being distributive over the first and associative.
Are there (associative, distributive) rings in which the addition is not commutative?
surround (someone or something), especially for protection or containment.
the courthouse was ringed with police
put a circular band through the nose of (a bull, pig, or other farm animal) to lead or otherwise control it.
Old hands are able to throw with either hand in either direction and will then really impress their spectators by facing away from the hook and swinging in the opposite direction such that upon its return the bull is ringed .
make a clear resonant or vibrating sound.
a shot rang out
(of a place) resound or reverberate with (a sound or sounds).
the room rang with laughter
call by telephone.
I rang her this morning
He told the AA man he would ring back in half an hour.
Each time it rang I'd run to the phone and answer it between the first and second ring .
there was a ring at the door
There would be a ring of dudes and one dude would be in the middle and then one by one, someone would tackle you and if you fell in the first minute, you had to run a mile as fast as you could.
In exchange, Rocawear gets placement in the game, via ring signage and a tag on Afro Thunder's boxing trunks.
For answer, she saw her son reach into his jeans pocket, bring out his ring of keys to house and car and toss them over his shoulder.
A ring of flames emerged from the center, and traveled outwards.
A third ring forced the major to answer his incoming transmission.
They were multicolored, a dark outer ring circling inner shades of ocean blue.
He gave me press credentials, which allowed me to sit at the ring apron.