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rind / кожура, корка, кора
имя существительное
peel, skin, rind, paring, shell, aril
crust, peel, rind, shell, scab, incrustation
bark, crust, cortex, rind, cork, incrustation
сдирать кору
bark, excorticate, disbark, rind, unbark
снимать кожуру
peel, rind, skin
очищать кожицу
имя существительное
the tough outer layer of something, in particular.
More than that, the paint acts as a kind of cover, a rind conserving a long history of previous touches that contribute a certain nubbiness, flecked with little crevices, to the final coating.
strip the bark from (a tree).
I used to watch them felling trees, and sometimes I would be allowed to rind the tree trunks.
The yucca root is often served with pork rind and greens and sold at roadside stands.
This cheese has a bloomy rind and a fluffy, mellow center.
He was sucking a lemon, but had finished it and threw away the rind , folding his arms across his chest.
But I was allowed to watch as she guided the long blade through the cantaloupe's golden-netted rind to the cutting board.
Be careful to only get the outer rind , not the bitter pith.
Prepare the chicken glaze; heat the lemon rind , juice and honey in a pan until it caramelizes.
Sean says grated lemon rind adds a delicious sweet and sour taste to the berries.
Jeffries was flensing the rind free
The fruit has a thick, greenish yellow rind .
Think of perfectly ripened pineapple chunks, minus the labor of carving away the tough rind .