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rim / обод, край, ободок
имя существительное
rim, band, hoop
edge, region, end, margin, side, rim
rim, ring, circle, border, fillet
снабжать ободком
служить ободом
frame, edge, encase, enframe, rim, incase
имя существительное
the upper or outer edge of an object, typically something circular or approximately circular.
a china egg cup with a gold rim
form or act as an outer edge or rim for.
a huge lake rimmed by glaciers
lick or suck the anus of (someone) as a means of sexual stimulation.
the outer rim of the solar system
The upper rim of the garden can be planted in perennials.
He took aim, and the ball flew in a perfect arc, swishing through the basket without touching the rim .
It's a round table covered in a rich red tablecloth with bright, cheerful gold on the rim .
She angrily glared at him from above the rim of her thick glasses.
the outer rim of the solar system
The second just hit the rim of the basket but didn't go in.
Paul hurried to the rim of the crater as fast as he could.
They offered whale-watching cruises and restored the old buildings that perched on pilings along the rim of the harbour.
I grew a full beard and had my hair cut like his, added a little gray to both, wore some wire rim glasses, and, of course, the shirt and jeans.