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rigour / строгость, озноб, суровость
имя существительное
rigor, severity, austerity, stringency, rigidity, restraint
chills, chill, ague, shakes, rigor, dither
severity, rigor, austerity, sternness, hardness, inclemency
имя существительное
the quality of being extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate.
his analysis is lacking in rigor
his analysis is lacking in rigour
Although this book has a certain gossipy charm, it lacks intellectual depth or rigour .
Outstanding research was its underpinning, and intellectual rigour its hallmark.
Quality teaching and learning in the form of intellectual rigour was essential to the success of this project.
What marks all of it, without exception, is intelligence and rigour , thoroughness and care, and an abiding dedication to the importance of the role architecture plays in an ever more complicated world.
Such structures are necessary to protect national memory and to give a society confidence that the memory will be transmitted accurately and with intellectual rigour .
Not every one can speak across media and different institutions as Martin and Morris can with intellectual rigour , accessibility and a sense of humour and relevance.
the full rigour of the law
Anyone suspected of any crime, or indeed anyone against whom there is evidence of any crime, may have applied to them the full rigour of measures that we could not justify for inclusion in normal criminal legislation.
His intellectual rigour and sharp focus on finances have also kept Quinn out of financial trouble.