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rigor / строгость, озноб, суровость
имя существительное
rigor, severity, austerity, stringency, rigidity, restraint
chills, chill, ague, shakes, rigor, dither
severity, rigor, austerity, sternness, hardness, inclemency
имя существительное
the quality of being extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate.
his analysis is lacking in rigor
We are applying the same analytical rigor to our efforts on diversity that we apply to other aspects of our operations.
It's up to you to decide how much time to invest in which area, and what level of rigor or method to apply to match the quality level needed.
Even though many projects are individually quite powerful in their intellectual reach and rigor , and some do reach across institutions, it is hard to look at them collectively and see more than a disconnected jumble.
Peer review, analysis and criticism are integral parts of intellectual and academic rigor .
He taught with the uncompromising rigor and attention to detail he had exhibited when I first knew him twenty years earlier, but also with a richness of life experience that enthralled our students.
Their complaint demanded that ‘she be punished according to the rigor of the law,’ which included a call for 50 livres in damages.
Following this tack, he has promoted ideas, constructed theories, designed and carried out experiments, and built working prototypes - all with meticulous care and rigor .
They understood that the university's chief appeal to many intellectuals was not its scholarly rigor but the sense of community it provided.
Strong claims in either direction are dangerous and misleading, as well as lacking in intellectual rigor .
the full rigor of the law